Home Staging


What is home staging? When should you stage your home? Stage your home before your agent takes photos for the online listing. Don’t get looked over. You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Highlight your home’s best features.

Pack all the non-essentials and put them in storage. Pack away last season’s clothing. Give your closets a makeover. Donate or discard unwanted items. Make your closet appear bigger by leaving one-third of the space empty

Make your living room more welcoming and appear larger with less furniture and a great seating arrangement

Keep your counters clean. No junk on the console table or kitchen and bathroom counters

Put a box under the kids’ beds for them to clean up quickly if a showing appointment is scheduled

Don’t let bright or dark paint be a distraction. Stay with neutral colors so buyers can focus on the space, not the paint color on the walls. You could add color with pillows, linens, and towels.

Keep toilet seat covers closed

Throw away garbage

No dirty dishes in sink

Display fresh flowers

Buyers love outdoor spaces. Continue your home staging in the backyard. The biggest misconception about home staging is that it costs a lot of money. Home staging goes beyond cleaning and de-cluttering. It is the art of making your home look bigger, brighter and warmer. You want buyers to “feel” at home and imagine themselves living in the space.